B S’s Story

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Put on ritlin when I was five and told to take my pill so I could be a good boy. Parents divorced and mom re-married. It was a difficult time for me. 

 Abused by adults sexually. Self worth declined. Started using street drugs and got into a lot of trouble with the law. I came to Alaska to get a better life got married but troubles followed me, divorced my unfaithful wife.

 In prison again, got saved. I prayed for a wife without drug and alcohol problems and a Harley Davidson. God answered my prayers with the gift of my wife, Jo Ann. God set me aside and continued to love me until I gave it all to Him.

Before: I was lost and abandoned.

After: Now I am found and blessed in him.


J S’s Story

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Vacation Bible School-gave Jesus my heart-even though I was afraid of where he would send me.

 I struggled with the need for acceptance and love. Married my high school sweet heart, then divorce came. I was still not accepted and loved. Pride had to die.

 Struggled for years as a single parent. More failed relationships, divorce again. Then came Bill!  Through many lessons and trials I held on, trusting God. I found victory in Jesus and God provided a committed Christian husband. Thank you God for Bill.

 Before: Felt lonely & unaccepted.

After: God’s love found me.

M F’s Story

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I had no hope when my son died and I thought of suicide and before me on the table was a knife I don’t know how it got there. Then I knew it was the devil so I got mad and cried and open my bible and God spoke to me through that scripture. I can’t remember what it was. I wasn’t saved at that time. Then 3 years later I got saved and God gave me hope. I was worhipping Him when He said to me I got your son and I know where he is every minute every second. So I gave back my son to God and the healing began. Now I have the blessed hope to see my Jesus first of all and my son. I was in alcohol, drugs and gambling , I was so ashamed to face people now I’m set free since 1994.

F Ns Story

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At age five, kneeling beside my mother’s bed, I gave Jesus my heart and asked him to forgive my sins. A few years later, on a starry summer evening, I gave Jesus my life and promised to spend my days in service for Him. From that day until this, it’s been an amazing adventure! Even though early days of ministry were lonely, Jesus became my best friend and confidant. He provided life-long friendships, a wonderful husband, and a miracle baby girl. When I gave Jesus everything, I inherited more than I could have ever dreamed!

 BEFORE – Gave life to Christ at age 5

AFTER – Living the dream at 50

K S’s Story

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God woke me from the bed of my sin and said “Go to Alaska” I sat up and replied “I don’t know anyone in Alaska.” He said,”you will”. I had been dabbling in Chrisianity for years, taking the parts of the Bible I felt I could apply without hindering “MY life” too much. That  changed, when I said “I’ll go Lord.” I headed North with everything packed in my Suburban and more joy and peace than I had ever before imagined. Quickly, God led me to MCA; I had good cry on my knees, finally appreciating his love and mercy.

V H’s Story

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My parent’s divorce early in my childhood left me feeling incomplete.  My mother remarried a Spirit-filled believer and he adopted me.  He also led me to a relationship with Christ.  Unfortunately, he backslid and as a result, I never felt loved.  He sent me to a bible camp and there I received the infilling of the Holy Spirit in my life and a sustaining love that would keep me all the days of my life.  I now feel complete and loved. 

Before- Incomplete & not loved

After- Complete & loved

J C’s Story

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I grew up in a difficult family situation feeling abandoned, rejected, ridiculed, unloved throughout my childhood and teen years. I never felt like I ‘fit in’. I married my knight in shining armor who promised to love me forever but he was unfaithful. The marriage ended in an epic failure. Then a co-worker friend told me that God loved me and he challenged me to read about this love for myself in the Bible. I didn’t believe him but as I read through the gospels, God convinced me that He unconditionally loved me and wanted me to be His. (99 words.)

Before:     Felt abandoned, rejected, ridiculed, unloved

After:      Revel in knowing full acceptance & love by God